Burrell Behavioral Health Center

Match # 192513 (Columbia) 192514 (Springfield)

Internship positions available: 5
Residency/Job positions available: 2

We are excited to announce that the salary for the 2018-2019 training year has been increased to $25,000.

Burrell Behavioral Health is a community mental health center located in Springfield, Missouri, which provides a very wide range of opportunities due to its fairly comprehensive continuum of care. Burrell has locations in 17 counties throughout Missouri and treats approximately 30,000 clients each year. The most common disorders treated across locations include major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD, and PTSD. Though the population of Greene County is fairly racially homogeneous, there is a rapidly growing Hispanic/Latino population. The area continues to grow in older adult population as the area is attractive to retirees. The area continues to be relatively heavily impacted by poverty, as evidenced by high Medicaid population and high free/reduced lunch proportions in public schools.

Our administrative team, staff, and supervisory psychologists are welcoming and encouraging to interns and other trainees in a number of ways, including providing welcome lunches, regular professional socialization opportunities, and a generally supportive supervisory approach.

In December of 2017, Burrell Behavioral Health acquired Springfield site Midwest Assessment and Psychotherapy Solutions (MAPS).  This will not change the experience and training provided for interns at Burrell except that they may have opportunity for intern/peer interaction with the interns matched to MAPS@Burrell in addition to the other interns with Burrell.

Burrell Behavioral Health Center is a member of the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) loan repayment program.

Our Mission

To meet behavioral health needs when and where they occur, and before they become more serious.

Our Supervisors

Interim Site Training Director

William Robison, Ph.D.

Dr. William Robison is a licensed psychologist in Missouri as well as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a registered Health Service Provider in Psychology, and a Clinically Certified Forensic Counselor. He earned a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Psychology as well as a Master of Divinity from the Lexington Theological Seminary in Kentucky. He was an Associate Professor at Forest Institute of Professional Psychology from 2007 to 2012.  Dr. Robison joined the staff of Burrell Behavioral Health Centers in June of 2012 as a Staff Psychologist. He has had significant training and/or experience in a variety of clinical areas including chemical dependency, the treatment of sexually aggressive children and youth, clinical pastoral education, marriage and family therapy and clinical supervision. He also has expertise in the areas of Spirituality and Psychotherapy, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder in adults & adolescents, and Juvenile Sex Offender treatment. Dr. Robison’s research interests include Human Linguist Neurobiological Communication Systems.

Primary Supervisors

Devin Shelton, Psy.D.

Dr. Devin Shelton graduated with her doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2012 from The School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute. Prior to receiving her doctorate, she obtained a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy also from The School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute. She completed her internship and residency through the National Psychology Training Consortium. Dr. Shelton has ample training and experience in child psychological evaluations, which she continues to conduct regularly. She is also a trained facilitator for PREP, as well as Love and Logic parenting education classes.

Shawna Baron, Psy.D.

Dr. Baron is a 2012 graduate of Forest Institute of Professional Psychology’s doctoral program in clinical psychology. While attending Forest Institute, Dr. Baron focused on Psychodynamic and Humanistic  therapy and interned with the South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center. She has served as an expert witness and is certified as a forensic examiner in the state of Florida. She completed her postdoctoral residency in 2013 with Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center, focusing on forensic psychology. She has practiced at Burrell Behavioral Health since 2014 as an Outpatient Psychologist. She has also worked in the field of treatment of sexually violent predators. Dr. Baron has special interests in forensic issues, psychopharmacology, stress and trauma in law enforcement, and religious identity.

Fred Ulam, Ph.D.

Dr. Ulam, a 1991 graduate of the California School of Professional Psychology, is a licensed psychologist specializing in Neuropsychology. Dr. Ulam has been named a Diplomate of the QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalograph) Certification Board and has also received specialty certification in neurofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. Dr. Ulam’s background in neuropsychology includes extensive experience in both clinical and rehabilitative neuropsychology and he has helped many individuals who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, cerebrovascular accidents, metabolic and/or infectious encephalopathies, post-craniotomies and other neurological conditions. Additionally, he has developed behavior management plans for individuals with behavior disturbances related to neurological impairment and has counseled many individuals and families affected with a variety of serious medical conditions such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, and other neurological afflictions. Dr. Ulam is part of Burrell Behavioral Health’s outpatient psychological team, specializing in forensic and neuropsychological evaluations and group, family and marital therapies.

Current Internship Placement

Current Locations taking interns:

  • Springfield, MO (Match # 192514)
  • Columbia, MO (Match # 192513)

It should be noted that Columbia, MO is 2 hours and 47 minutes away from Springfield, MO where monthly intern didactic training is located. Descriptions of each of the training locations are provided in the tab below. A map of all locations in the Central region can be found here.

Training Opportunities

Burrell Behavioral Health Center has two internship rotations available, one at their Springfield campus and another rotation at their campus in Columbia, MO. Descriptions of both are provided below:

Springfield, Missouri Campus

Intern Positions: 4
Match # 192514

It is the goal of Burrell Behavioral Health Center to produce well trained psychologists with skills in community behavioral healthcare through appropriate and meaningful rotations and supportive/encouraging supervision. They offer a very wide range of opportunities including childrens’ day treatment, adolescent substance abuse, child/youth community psychiatric rehabilitation centers, adult cprc, senior adult cprc, residential treatment for youth, and general outpatient services. Through their partnership with CoxHealth, rotations in inpatient psychiatry and integrated health care may also be possible.

Although the areas in which we operate are racially fairly homogeneous, numerous opportunities for serving diverse individuals do exist–e.g., growing Hispanic/Latino presence, deaf/hard of hearing clients, clients with high religiosity, and rural individuals.

Example Training Opportunities:

  • Individual Therapy (Child, Adolescent, Adult)
  • Group Therapy
  • Marital/Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Industrial/Organizational Consultation
  • School Consultation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Substance Abuse/Addictions Treatment
  • Sexual Abuse Treatment
  • Prevention
  • Research
  • Teaching/Psychoeducation
  • Supervision by Intern
  • Intake Evaluation
  • Learning Disability Evaluation
  • ADHD Evaluation
  • School Assessment
  • Forensic Assessment
  • Suicide Assessment
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Objective Assessment
  • Neuropsychology

Columbia, Missouri Campus

Intern Positions: 1
Match # 192513

Burrell Columbia is a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center located in Columbia, Missouri. Interns through our site will have an opportunity to gain professional experience performing a range of clinical duties, including, but not limited to, individual therapy, group therapy and diagnostic interviews with adolescent and adult clients in the psychological services department as well as Burrell Columbia’s assessment center, the point of entry for any individual in Boone County wanting to begin treatment with Burrell.

Interns will obtain experience with triage, counseling, and assessment for a variety of clients including those with severe and persistent mental illness, substance use disorders, and a range of anxiety, mood, thought, personality, and other psychological disorders. Interns will have the opportunity to gain experience learning about pre-surgery screenings, intelligence testing, independent living skills testing, and diagnosing autism in adults.

Interns through Burrell Columbia will be expected to carry a caseload of therapy clients, and to complete a minimum of six to ten diagnostic assessment interviews. Interns may also assist with test interpretation and report writing. Interns will attend weekly supervision, as well as twice monthly staff meetings and peer reviews, where they will be expected to actively participate in staffing their cases and providing consultation and feedback for their colleagues.

It should be noted that Columbia Missouri is 2 hours and 47 minutes away from Springfield where interns are required to attend monthly didactic training. All Burrell interns participate in a week-long orientation at the beginning of the training year. This orientation takes place at the main campus in Springfield, MO.

Intern Selection Process

Burrell Behavioral Health reviews applicaitons carefully with a team of administrators and clinicians to determine which applicants to bring in for interviews. The interview process typically includes at least four staff members (clinical and admin). Following all interviews, the selection committee convenes to share their thoughts and rankings of the applicants and a consensus is sought regarding which candidates to offer the slots. We typically look for evidence of good interpersonal skills and ability to connect rather quickly, previous clinical experience (practicum or other), and ability to provide reasonable answers to questions regarding theoretical orientation, evidence based practices, etc.

Burrell Behavioral Health does conduct background checks on interns prior to orientation. The following document provides the full, detailed hiring policies and potential disqualification for internship:

Background Screening for Employees and Volunteers

Note these key factors that could cause the site to release an intern from match:

  • Found to be convicted of, guilty of, pleaded guilty to or nolo contendere to any of the following crimes:
    • Physical abuse of Class I Neglect of a patient, resident, or client
    • Furnishing unfit food to patients, residents, or clients
    • Vulnerable person abuse in the first, second, or third degree
    • Is listed on the DMH disqualification registry
    • Is listed on the employee disqualification list of the Department of Health and Senior Services or Department of Social Services
    • Failure of a specified professional to report suspected abuse or neglect of a patient
  • Found to be convicted of, guilty of, pleaded guilty to or nolo contendere to any of the listed felonies in the following website: Disqualifying Crimes
  • Found guilty or pleaded guilty to a violation of Driving While Intoxicated or Driving with Excessive Blood Alcohol Content and who is found by the court to be an aggravated (3 or more) or chronic (4 or more) violator.
  • Found to be guilty of any equivalent felony offense.