Potential Locations: Auburn North, Kent, Midway, and SeaTac

Positions Available: Postdoctoral Resident

Number of Positions: 4

Training Opportunities: Residents will have the opportunity to receive extensive training in the Primary Care Behavioral Health Model. This is a unique opportunity to be trained in a fully integrated interdisciplinary team environment providing services to underserved populations. Our residents are valued members of our team assisting in providing behavioral health care, which includes providing brief individual, group, and co-visits with primary care team members.

Below is a list of HealthPoint’s 4 Behavioral Health Post-Doctoral positions. All positions are full-time.

Auburn North: This resident position will work with Dr. Dalbey at our Auburn North Medical Residency Clinic. In 2013, HealthPoint established a Family Medicine Residency program at the Auburn North clinic that trains medical residents in a three-year longitudinal curriculum in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. Along with patient care, the psychology resident in this clinic will assist the Behavioral Science faculty (Dr. Dalbey) in the planning, development, and implementation of the behavioral science portion of the family practice residency curriculum, didactic teaching, and consultation with medical residents and faculty. This position is ideal for individuals looking for generalist training with an emphasis in future faculty work within medicine and a career in Behavioral Science Education.

Kent and Kent Urgent Care: This resident position will work with Drs. Allred and Tiernan at our Kent clinic as well as providing behavioral health services at the Kent Urgent Care location. The Kent location offers a unique training opportunity in both primary care behavioral health (PCBH) and urgent care behavioral health (UCBH) treating a culturally diverse population. The main Kent clinic is the largest clinic in the HealthPoint system and houses 13 medical providers, as well as two naturopaths, two acupuncturists, a nutritionist, and a clinical pharmacist who take a team-based approach to care with a special focus on racial justice. This position is ideal for individuals looking for exposure in generalist training with an emphasis in medication-assisted therapy for opiate use disorder, gender affirming care, and the opportunity to provide mentoring to an intern.

Midway: This resident position will work with Dr. Mayberry and Dr Sidhu at our HealthPoint Midway clinic located in Des Moines, WA. This position offers residents the opportunity to work with a diverse team of individuals to collaboratively serve our community by promoting patient health and well-being. The clinic’s close team includes medical, dental and pharmacy, as well as it’s community partners (WIC and Valley Cities Behavioral Health) that are also located inside the building. Within medical, residents will work with medical providers (MDs, DOs, NDs, and ARNPs), ND residents, acupuncturists, registered dieticians, medical assistants, and support staff. Providers with special interests in pediatrics, OB, refugee health, and medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD) create a unique experience for those with special interest in any of these populations and those looking for a truly generalist training experience. Additional training opportunities include weekly consultation with psychiatric providers, gender affirming care, conducting brief assessments for cognitive concerns, participating in N-648 evaluations, and involvement with Centering groups (pregnancy, parenting, and more). This position is ideal for individuals looking for generalist training with an emphasis on working with diverse individuals including our staff, partners, patients, and community members

SeaTac: This resident position will work with Dr. Zimberoff at our SeaTac clinic. The SeaTac location serves a highly diverse patient population including individuals born in Latin America, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bhutan, Ethiopia and Northern India (Punjab). The clinic has a high utilization of Behavioral Health services and many diverse providers. The Lead Provider at the SeaTac location is HealthPoint’s point person for Refugee Care. The SeaTac Clinic has 7 medical providers including a natural medicine provider, acupuncturist, and nutritionist. HealthPoint SeaTac shares a building with Immigrant-friendly services such as a Global to Local, WIC, and Lutheran Refugee and Immigrant Services, as well as a child care facility. There is also a subsidized senior housing right next door. The resident position at HealthPoint SeaTac will focus around mind-body integration and trauma-informed care. This position is ideal for individuals looking for generalist training with an emphasis and exposure to suboxone treatment, brief neuropsychological testing, assessments toward immigrant and citizenship advocacy, chronic disease management, gender-affirming care, well child visits for pediatric patients, and preventive care.
Additional Information about HealthPoint can be found here:

• Behavioral Health Post-Doctoral Residency Information: https://www.healthpointchc.org/join-our-team/education-programs/behavioral-health-post-doctoral-residency
• Behavioral Health Education Program at HealthPoint: https://www.healthpointchc.org/join-our-team/education-programs/behavioral-health-education-training
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• Supervisor and Supervision: https://www.healthpointchc.org/join-our-team/education-programs/behavioral-health-education-training/supervision

 Requirements for Application:
• CV
• Cover Letter
• 3 Letters of Recommendation
• Completion of APA accredited Doctoral Degree Program in Clinical, Counseling, or School Psychology.
• License eligible in Washington State for Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMHCA).
• Proof of immunity to varicella, measles, mumps and rubella is a condition of employment. Prospective Residents must provide proof at time of offer.

Reimbursement: The planned salary is $50,000. Residents are exempt employees of HealthPoint and are paid bi-weekly. Please also check out the website for additional benefits. 

Application: To apply, please send a Cover Letter, CV, and 3 letters of reference to: Chris Schei, Education Programs Coordinator at cschei@healthpointchc.org. Also, when submitting your application, please mention which location(s) you are interested in.

For program questions, contact: Melissa Baker, PhD, ABPP Board Certified Clinical Health Psychologist and Behavioral Health Education Program Director at mbaker@healthpointchc.org.

Deadline for Applications: Applications are being accepted now and are due by Friday, January 1, 2021.