Becoming a Member

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the National Psychology Training Consortium (NPTC).

Listed below are the procedures for joining NPTC:

  • Contact a staff member of NPTC regarding your interest.
  • Schedule a site visit with either the President/CEO, Sr. Vice President of Clinical Operations, or Vice President of Operations.
  • Provide a formal presentation to an NPTC staff member outlining site services, intern/resident responsibilities, and how the site is compatible with APPIC and APA requirements.
  • Prospective site supervisors/Training Directors provides copies of licenses, professional liability, and Curriculum Vitae.
  • Following preliminary approval from the President, the prospective site will sign the Membership Participation Agreement by June 1 of the training year.
  • Committee votes on official consortium membership.
  • Prospective site receives a formal invitation for participation in NPTC.

For more details about membership, we encourage you to set an appointment with our President/CEO or other member of our staff. We can provide you with any additional information you need as well as access to our information submission page.

National Psychology Training Consortium
300 S John Q Hammons Parkway, Suite 205
Springfield, MO 65806