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Training Tomorrow’s Psychologists in the Discipline and Practice of Psychology with Rural and Underserved Patients

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The National Psychology Training Consortium (NPTC),

a doctoral psychology internship, is a collaborative consortium consisting of psychological and primary care service centers throughout the United States focused on provision of services with rural and underserved patients. NPTC was founded in 2003 through a collaboration of The School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute and Royal Oaks Hospital to create new internship positions in underserved areas. Since 2003 NPTC has trained and prepared over 300 interns and residents – all in a rural or underserved context.


To our Staff, Interns, Supervisors, Training Directors, and Site Administrators:

We are writing to provide information regarding NPTC’s plan of action in light of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As members of the healthcare system, our sites serve a crucial role in the wellbeing of our communities. For this reason, we generally follow similar precautions to other healthcare systems rather than closing services entirely. In most cases, it is NPTC’s practice to follow the cues from our partner agencies related to reporting to work and any applicable travel. Except with regard to travel for didactics, we will not require interns or employees of NPTC to travel out of state or to large gatherings.
We do not have current plans to take any additional precautions above and beyond that of our individual partner sites. In the event that any agency makes changes that could affect accumulation of hours either clinical or general, we are committed to helping everyone attain the hours required to successfully complete the program. In these cases, any decisions regarding plans of action for hour accrual will be coordinated between NPTC, the site, the intern and their school, APPIC and APA.
NPTC will also follow recommendations made by APA in a statement released March 11. These guidelines allow support for agencies choosing to temporarily change their training procedures and protocols to include more tele-services and tele-supervision to reduce travel requirements. Programs are allowed to change their previously stated protocols for tele-services so long as they still adhere to the CoA’s Implementing Regulations for the Standards of Accreditation. APA also reported they are postponing all future site visits until further notice. APA will review the situation again in mid-April to determine whether the postponement will continue. More information regarding guidelines and recommendations are provided from the World Health Organization and the US Center for Disease Control.
NPTC remains committed to providing the training and experiences necessary for interns to successfully complete their programs, while also mindfully monitoring the situation to keep everyone’s health and safety as a top priority during this time. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns related to this event.
Best Regards,
Adam Andreassen, Psy.D.
National Psychology Training Consortium
Also see attachment for our NPTC Diversity Committee COVID-19 Statement reflecting on ways in which COVID-19 is expected to impact populations our sites serve and some things we can do in response.