About NPTC

The National Psychology Training Consortium (NPTC)…

a pre-doctoral psychology internship, is a collaborative consortium consisting of psychological service centers throughout the United States focused on provision of services with rural and underserved patients. NPTC was founded in 2003 through a collaboration of The School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute and Royal Oaks Hospital to create new internship positions in underserved areas. Over the past thirteen years NPTC has trained and prepared over 200 interns and residents – all in a rural or underserved context.

NPTC is an innovative internship program that provides psychology interns the opportunity to take substantial responsibility for fulfilling major professional and psychological functions in the context of appropriate supervisory support and professional role modeling.

NPTC also partners with various organizations including academic programs, community agencies, private hospitals, and independent practitioners to provide a sequential, cumulative, and graded training environment. The objective of the internship is to prepare entry-level practitioners to function effectively in a variety of mental health settings and to provide services to a variety of populations in rural health care.

The Central Region of NPTC consists of sites located in Missouri. The Great Lakes Region of NPTC – consisting of sites in Indiana, was founded in 2013 based on the model of the original Central Region. NPTC is excited to announce that the Cascade Region will be starting in the 2017 training year! This region will consist of primary care sites throughout Washington. The Central Region is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the America Psychological Association for seven years (as of 2013) and the Great Lakes Region has been granted full accreditation for an additional three years (as of 2017) with a site visit review in 2020. We have been approved for APA Eligibility for the Cascades Region as of November 2016 and submitted our Contingent Accreditation application in April 2017. Please note that APA Eligibility is not an accreditation status. Our application for APPIC membership for the Cascades Region was also submitted in March 2017. More information regarding our accreditation status is available here.

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