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Royal Oaks Hospital / Compass Health Dual Tracks

Royal Oaks / Compass – Butler, MO (Match# 192520) Positions: 2
Royal Oaks / Compass – Warrensburg, MO (Match# 192521) Positions: 1

About Our Site

Interns in these positions will spend half of their time at Royal Oaks and half of their time in the Compass Health-Warrensburg or Butler office, with each intern spending 3 days in one office/2 days in the other. Psychology Interns at both Compass Health and Royal Oaks utilize both hands-on training as well as web-based training programs. The agency offers a full training library of web-based programs for the interns and staff to access as they are able based on their licenses/interests. Interns are provided with their own office space complete with a computer and access to the internet and printer. Each location is equipped with the testing and training materials necessary for the interns to complete the requirements of their training year. Training experiences at both locations will be similar to full-time interns except that they will be working both inpatient and outpatient. For more information about the Royal Oaks Hospital portion of this experience go here.

It should be noted that both Warrensburg and Butler are approximately 2 hours from Springfield, Missouri, where interns must travel to monthly didactics.

Training Opportunities

Primary experiences at Royal Oaks Hospital include:
Providing inpatient services that include working with a team of LPC’s, Social Workers, and psychologists including individual, couples, group, and family therapy with children, adolescents, and adults. Inpatient services at this location will also include rotating placement in child, adolescent, and adult inpatient units, psychological assessment, and psychiatric/medication management.

An average of 20 intervention hours per week is expected and a minimum of ten assessment reports are completed during the training year. A caseload of 4-6 patients will be carried on each rotation at Royal Oaks Hospital as well as conducting five to ten clinical groups per week, family therapy, and treatment team. During some rotations, interns will participate as a member of a multi-disciplinary treatment team led by an Attending Psychiatrist. Other members of the treatment team include Psychologist, Registered Nurses, Licensed Professional Counselors, Clinical Social Workers, Expressive Therapists, Educators, Utilization Review staff and a Clinical Case Manager. Interns not only present case conceptualizations but will convey findings of psychological testing.

Primary experiences at the Compass Health – Butler and Warrensburg offices include:
Providing outpatient services that include working with a team of LPC’s, Social Workers, and psychologists including individual, couples, group, and family therapy with children, adolescents, and adults. Outpatient services at these locations will also include crisis and triage services, psychological assessment and testing, psychiatric/medication management, substance use disorder treatment for group and individual treatment programs, community-based behavioral services, and support for children in the community.

Example Schedule

Interns as a part of the Dual Track experience will work from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm on the days they are assigned to Compass Health (2 or 3 days each week depending on which site is designated as the primary office location). Interns will work either from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm or 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm at Royal Oaks Hospital depending on the days they are assigned to work at that location.

 Site schedules are a general guideline and interns may be required to make themselves available at other times as needed.

Placement Locations


APPIC Training Experiences

Treatment Modalities

Example treatment modalities (as listed by APPIC)

(1% to 20%)
(21% to 30%)
(31% to 49%)
Major Area
Assessment X
Individual Intervention X
Couples Intervention X
Family Intervention X
Group Intervention X
Consultation/Liaison X
Crisis Intervention X
Brief Intervention X
Cognitive Rehabilitation X
Supervision of Practicum Students X
Evidence-Based Practice X
Evidence-Based Research X


Supervised Experiences

Example supervised experiences (as listed by APPIC):

(1% to 20%)
(21% to 30%)
(31% to 49%)
Major Area
Health Psychology X
Women’s Health X
Eating Disorders X
Sexual Disorders X
Rehabilitation Psychology X
Physical Disabilities X
Learning Disabilities X
Developmental Disabilities X
Assessment X
Neuropsychology-Adult X
Neuropsychology-Child X
Serious Mental Illness X
Anxiety Disorders X
Trauma/PTSD X
Sexual Abuse X
Substance Use Disorders X
Forensics/Corrections X
Sexual Offenders X
Geropsychology X
Pediatrics X
School X
Counseling X
Vocational/Career Development X
Multicultural Therapy X
Feminist Therapy X
Religion/Spirituality X
Empirically-Supported Treatments X
Public Policy/Advocacy X
Program Development/Evaluation X
Supervision X
Research X
Administration X

The most commonly seen diagnoses/supervised experiences that interns can expect to be working with at this location include, but is not limited to, Major Depressive Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, Adjustment Disorder, Substance Use, Personality Disorders, Psychosis, and Bipolar Disorder.

Patient Populations

Royal Oaks Hospital is located in Windsor, Missouri which is a rural farm town with a population of 2,785 individuals. Those living in the area are primarily Caucasian and there is an Amish community. Kansas City is one and one half hour north-west and Whiteman AFB is about 20 miles away.

Being located in a rural area, the location of the hospital is often a barrier for patients. Also, many families cannot afford to attend family sessions. The most commonly seen diagnoses at this location include mood disorders, thought disorders, substance use disorders, ADHD, parent/child relational issues, trauma, and various personality disorders. Royal Oaks at times will have individuals seek services from ethnic and religious groups that are not of the majority for the Central Missouri area.

Example patient populations (as listed by APPIC):

Population % Served
Children 25%
Adolescents 50%
Adults 25%
Family 45%
Older Adults 10%
Inpatients 100%
Ethnic Minorities 15%
Spanish Speaking 10%
Deaf/Hearing-impaired 5%
Students 80%
Rural 80%
Urban 10%
Low income 80%
Homeless 35%
Total Number of Clients Served 54 beds at one time

Our Supervisors

While we won’t know your exact supervisor assignments until the internship starts, these are examples of some of the individuals you may work with over the course of your year at the site. 

Tenea Lowman, Psy.D.

*Primary Supervisor for Royal Oaks Hospital, Windsor, Mo

Dr. Tenea Lowman is the Director of Psychology and Clinical Services at Royal Oaks Hospital.  She completed her Masters and Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology at the former Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri, in 2005.  She then completed her internship and post-doctoral training with HAPTC at Royal Oaks and continued on as a full time Licensed Psychologist with the agency.  Dr. Lowman specializes in inpatient psychiatric behavioral health.  She has been supervising pre-doctoral interns and post-doctoral residents since 2006.



Jonathan Rosenboom, Psy.D.

*Primary Supervisor for Compass Health, Warrensburg, MO

Dr. Jonathan Rosenboom is a staff psychologist for the Warrensburg Compass Health site. He earned his M.S. in clinical psychology from Fort Hays State University in Hays, KS, and a Psy.D. in clinical psychology from Baylor University in Waco, TX. He interned at the VA Medical Center in Topeka, KS. He has provided clinical services and held clinical administrative positions in the MO Department of Mental Health and the MO Department of Corrections. After retiring from Missouri state service he joined Compass Health in 2010 as an outpatient psychologist. Dr. Rosenboom is a generalist psychologist serving adults and adolescents. He utilizes psychodynamic, interpersonal, and cognitive behavioral treatment strategies in individual psychotherapy services.

John Dandurand, PhD

*Primary Supervisor for Compass Health, Butler, MO

Dr. Dandurand has been a licensed psychologist in Missouri since 2018.  He earned his degree from the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University – Los Angeles in 2016.  While at CSPP he completed practica at the University of California, Los Angeles Semel Institute and at Aegis Treatment Centers, giving him varied experience in working with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Substance Use Disorders, as well as a variety of frequently co-occurring disorders.  He completed his internship and post-doctoral residency at Pathways/Compass Health Network, where he continues to see a wide variety of clients in a rural mental healthcare setting.  Dr. Dandurand is primarily cognitive-behavioral in his theoretical orientation and draws significant influence from more behaviorally oriented approaches from his work as a Behavior Specialist while in graduate school.  He continues to appreciate the contributions of other theoretical approaches to the field.