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Internship positions available: 2



With hope, compassion, and creativity we deliver life-enhancing physical, social, and behavioral healthcare services.


We strive for caring communities, where every child, adult and family have opportunities to live healthy, happy lives.

Our Values

We believe in people and strength of diversity.
We believe in meeting people where they are.
We love what we do and a genuine desire to improve lives drives us forward.
Whatever we do, we do well.
We are champions for health equity and the promise of health communities.

About Our Site

Adult & Child Health is a not-for-profit organization, Certified Community Behavioral Health Center, and a Federally Qualified Health Center Look Alike serving central Indiana. We are passionate about integrated care and offer healthcare services in primary care, mental health, social services, and addictions treatment. Adult & Child has teams in Marion, Johnson, and surrounding counties, including partnerships with over 100 schools. A&C works to ensure clients have access to care and provides services in any one of A&C’s clinics or office buildings, partnered schools, in a variety of community settings, or even within a client’s home.

We offer services in primary care, psychiatry, clinic-based services, community, and specialty services, including our Homeless and Housing Resource Team, Youth Development, Indiana’s wraparound program for Youth, and Wheeler Women’s Project. Our Wheeler Women’s Project program broke down many barriers to treatment that women and children face while living in a Women’s Resource shelter. Additionally, A&C provides services in areas of school-based services, child welfare services, and foster care services. Across services lines, A&C takes a person-centered and collaborative approach to client and patient care.

At A&C we are passionate about culturally responsive care for the clients we serve, which we believe stems from a culturally responsive work environment. A&C respects diversity and honors everyone’s unique experiences and histories. We have several employee-led task forces that serve as resources for diversity initiatives, program development, and cultural celebration to name a few. Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Commission is a group of employees who are from all levels of the agency who themselves identify as being members of culturally diverse groups and provide oversight to agency policy and change. The DEIB Commission works closely with A&C taskforce groups. Additionally, A&C is one of the only mental health agencies in the state of Indiana who provides the H1B Sponsorship to international clinicians.

If you want to learn more about us, please check out our website here: or find us on Facebook or Instagram by searching “Adult and Child Health” and looking for our logo.


About this Rotation

A&C has two internship positions available. Interns will be provided with well-rounded generalist training while having the opportunity to focus on interest areas, such as psychological assessment, child welfare, or school-based services. There is ample learning, training, and clinical opportunities for interns to strive towards their own personal goals while serving the needs of their clients. A&C has multiple locations within central Indiana. Location will vary based on the client’s needs and service an intern is providing (for example: Addictions outpatient treatment vs. psychological assessment). Location may also vary based on any training opportunities an intern is receiving or providing. Interns will provide direct care while embedded within multi-disciplinary teams collaborating with staff across various service lines and positions. As an example, a client’s treatment team may include psychiatry, primary care, other behavioral health providers (such as skills specialists), and child welfare clinicians.

As mentioned previously, interns will be provided generalist training and will gain experience working with diverse clients across the lifespan. A&C utilizes a developmental approach to training. Through training, interns will move towards an integration of both their personal and professional identities, working to understand how their identity impacts and informs work with their clients. Interns will be exposed to the process of ethical and legal decision making and have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of service coordination, ethical billing practices and relationship to medical necessity, and various leadership functions.

As a certified community mental health center, interns will have a several week orientation process as a way to ease into their responsibilities and job functions. Interns will receive trainings on topics relevant to their clinical work, technology and EHR systems, and safety procedures.


Training Opportunities

Interns typically work within outpatient centers and carry a therapy caseload for both short term and longer-term services. Interns will be providing direct care in outpatient clients, including both individual and family therapy services. Additionally, interns will conduct outpatient psychological evaluations where they will enhance skills in selecting assessment tools, conducting evaluations, and providing diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations. Interns will provide feedback on assessment results to the client, their family, and the client’s treatment team. Interns may be offered opportunities for placement on teams providing crisis-intervention, group and individual services on a residential unit for adolescents, or addictions services. Interns will have opportunities to choose to be embedded in school-based or child welfare teams, dependent upon the interest areas of the intern. In addition to regularly scheduled individual and group supervision hours, interns will participate in weekly staffings with a licensed psychologist and the rest of their multidisciplinary clinical team, providing interns with an opportunity to experience one aspect of a licensed psychologist’s role within a community mental health center and develop their ability to provide direction to staff regarding clinical issues and treatment options for clients.

The internship at A&C includes experience in supervising others. A weekly supervision of supervision group will initially address specific models of supervision and related topics. Later in the internship year, interns will be assigned a pre-doctoral or pre-masters’ level supervisee for weekly individual supervision. The supervision of supervision group will progress to discussing interns’ experiences as a supervisor.

In addition to internship-specific experiences, interns will have a multitude of broader training opportunities. One of the wonderful benefits of working within a community mental health center is the vast training, collaborative, and leadership opportunities available. Interns will have the opportunity to attend integrated and MAT staffings and agency-wide supervision groups on specific topics, such as LGBTQ+, implementation of dialectical behavior therapy, and treatment for clients with trauma histories. Interns will have opportunities to give agency-wide presentations that provide continuing education for clinicians and be involved with our diversity taskforces. Other training opportunities include learning and implementing new evidence-based approaches, a comprehensive conceptualization, and potential research opportunities.

Rotation Schedule

Typically interns will work an 8am-5pm schedule (40 hour work week) Monday through Friday. Some travel to different A&C locations may be required for trainings or other services. Locations may vary based upon the intern’s clinical interests and client availability (for example, our Addictions services are located in a different building than where psychological assessments are completed). An example/potential weekly schedule is provided but subject to change. Interns’ schedules will vary according to their interests and service lines and supervising psychologist.







Placement Location

A&C outpatient clinics are located in and around the Indianapolis, Indiana area, with clinics in downtown Indianapolis, southern Marion county/Greenwood, and Franklin, Indiana. Interns may have different locations they attend each week based on the service they are providing but will have a centrally located office. For example, interns may be at one office on Mondays (Addictions outpatient) providing services, but on Tuesday may be in another outpatient clinic conducting a psychological assessment. If an intern opts for a school-based placement, they would spend a day a week at a school in Indianapolis or nearby counties. Schedule and locations will be finalized upon gathering information related to interns’ interest areas and assignment of supervising psychologist. All potential locations are provided below.



Treatment Modalities

Our Supervisors

Site Training Director

Hannah Fredricksen, Psy.D.

Dr. Fredricksen is a licensed clinical psychologist with passions in social justice issues, trauma-informed care, and working with students in training. She has experience providing care in a variety of settings, including inpatient psychiatric care, university counseling centers, and community mental health. She is certified in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and enjoys helping children and their families thrive in spite of their difficult experiences. Dr. Fredricksen also has considerable experience in psychological assessment, working with children and their families, young adults, and those with significant past and ongoing trauma histories. She loves helping students learn to integrate both their personal and professional identities so they can feel more their authentic selves and thrive within their upcoming careers.


Christopher Scruton, Ph.D.

Dr. Scruton is a licensed clinical psychologist with over three decades of experience working with children, adults and families. He has worked in a community mental health system since 1989 and have maintained a private practice since 1992. He has extensive experience in psychological assessment of all ages, family therapy and individual therapy of all ages, and has been providing supervision and training to graduate practicum students, licensed clinicians and post-doctoral psychologists for over twenty years. Dr. Scruton has also provided training to staff and outside agencies on a variety of topics, including assessment and diagnosis, early childhood interventions, trauma-informed approaches to treatment, and treatment of children with anxiety, depression and behavior disorders. He enjoys helping clinicians learn and apply evidence based practices and have provided training and supervision on a number of EBPs for the past twenty years.

Dionne Dynlacht, Ph.D.

Dr. Dynlacht is an HSPP certified licensed psychologist with experience and training in serving clients across the age spectrum. She has practiced clinical psychology in a variety of settings including inpatient, residential, community mental health and primary care settings. She has also done psychological testing, psychotherapy, intake assessments, consultation and training. Her clinical interests include working with the SMI population, integrated care, and differential diagnoses. Dr. Dynlacht also enjoys consulting, training and participating in program development that grows and enhances the skills of new and established clinicians.

Kelly Hutchins

Dr. Hutchins is a licensed clinical psychologist and has been working with Adult and Child Health for over 8 years. Dr. Hutchins provides supervision and clinical oversight to staff within a variety of programs including substance use, child and adolescents, school based programming, community based services, and integrated health care within a clinic setting. Dr. Hutchins is also involved in training and development agencywide on topics such as trauma-informed care, evidenced based practices, secondary traumatic stress, and ethics.

Jamie Osgatharp-Brandt, Psy.D.

Dr. Osgatharp-Brandt has been a licensed clinical psychologist for a bit over a decade and her commitment to the field only grows. Her clinical experiences with veterans, college students, domestic violence and sexual assault victim-survivors, children in foster care and individuals within the LGBTQ+ community all contribute to the compassion she has for the community. Dr. Osgatharp-Brandt loves and values her role as a psychologist in providing clinical supervision. An additional passion includes staff wellness and a focus on identifying ways to address compassion fatigue.

Annual Pay, Benefits, and Support

Annual Pay for the 2024-2025 Training Year: $32,000

Benefits provided at this site:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • Supplemental Life
  • Hospital indemnity
  • Critical Illness
  • Accident
  • Long Term Disability
  • Short Term Disability
  • FSA Dependent Care
  • 401K

Holidays Observed:

  • New Years Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Please note that available benefits and observed holidays are subject to change. Matched interns will receive full benefit orientations at their site which will go over all benefit information for the training year. More information about the Support and Benefits offered in each of our regions can be found here.

Interview Process

Interviews will primarily be virtual but the option to have an in-person interview will be available as long as it does not provide any significant difficulty or expense for the applicant. Applicants will be offered several available days and times to interview and can choose an available time of their preference. Interviews will be set up in two different 60 minutes increments where the applicant will meet with the training director and another supervising psychologist. Interns may have the opportunity to meet with current practicum students to get a feel for the types of students they could potentially be supervising during their time at A&C. The interview will consist of a semi-structured interview, followed by providing time for the intern to ask any questions they may have about the site or the internship experience.